Thursday, January 29, 2009

Running is Free

Day in and day out people search for ways to be happy. Some turn to television, others to hobbies, and some to alcohol or other drugs. I turn to running. The best part about running is that the R.O.I. is extremely high in terms of psychological, physical, and other benefits. I hit the roads on a daily basis for free. I wear clothes that I would already own otherwise and shoes that I bought to work out in. Every now and then I indulge myself in a bit of over the top purchasing in the interest of my running, (I bought a new watch and a gaitor for my face and neck recently) but all in all running is essentially free. I leave my house and hit the road, no one charges me to be there and at the end of the run I can still see my friends, albeit a bit hungrier than before, but the fact remains. The following day at work, the effect of the endorphines has not subsided substantially enough to turn me into one of the many drones I see each day sliding around the office dreading the next activity. I try to turn some of these frowns upside down, but it is nearly impossible, so I've decided to come up with a positive thought of the day. Today's is one that I heard in my Track and Field days...

When it hurts the most, keep going because there is no more pain than the most pain.

Billy the Kid

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  1. You said, "When it hurts the most, keep going because there is no more pain than the most pain." Most of us runners are not masochists, we run within our ability and realize that pain is a warning that you must listen to or suffer the consequences of injury.