Friday, February 6, 2009

Taking the Long Way Home

Long runs are intimidating before they begin. Knowing that I am leaving the house to experience severe pain and psychological fatigue for the next hour or more becomes this giant beast in my mind. The only way to fight the demon is to go outside and start running. Taking the run one step at a time, eventually I reach the final stretch. Excitement building within as the wind whizzes by my ears, fresh air fills my lungs, sweat pours out of my pores, suddenly I am sprinting for the finish. When I am finally there, the last hour to hour and a half seems short, and the possibilities that present themselves give me a euphoric high that lasts for days.

I see the long and sad faces at work still, but I am learning to transcend that I may find inner peace.

Positive thought for the day:
We learn more about ourselves when life is difficult than we ever could if life was always simple. So, embrace challenge, that you may be strong in the face of adversity.

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