Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life & The Great Schematic of Truth

The weekend: a chance to rest and reflect or cool down and think about the events of the previous week and to plan for those pending in the week to follow.

This weekend I spent quite a few hours working on my home improvements that are integral to my living situation and financial security with the help of my good friends Jegar and Dylan. I have been having some pretty severe respiratory issues due to an infection that began last weekend and has really lasted all too long at this point. I took the weekend off from my running schedule because in my estimation it will behoove me to be healthy before I take on the long distances called for by my training schedule. I feel that I am prepared for the marathon and since I am on the "weening" part of the schedule, I am going to spend the next two weeks making sure that I am fully ready for the marathon: mind, body, and spirit.

Undertaking home improvement projects really gives me a chance to take my time doing something that benefits from thinking and working at the same time. In a way, it is like running, because before the project is underway, the task may present itself as dauntingly difficult, once we begin it sheds some light on the problems, late in the project it seems as though it will never be finished and we are motivated to give up, but then with that last little push, suddenly, almost surprisingly, it is finished. It is not until we step back and look at our work that we truly appreciate the beauty of a finished product. Much like running, it is not until we reach a specified destination or goal that we truly realize the accomplishment of our hard work.

I had a long conversation with my dad today, it was good because for the first time in a long time I felt like I was talking to a friend again, instead of just a boss. I miss my family sometimes, the way things were before money complicated our lives, before my dad wore a suit to work, before I went to college for almost 100K and bought a house, when Christmas brought no expectation of extravagant gifts, and we lived in a two bedroom shoebox. I think missing the past is a part of improving the future. I have never had such a clear mind about what I am doing on this earth, and I appreciate everyone so much more now that I have been realizing that we've all got purposes, goals, aspirations, meaning, questions, problems, and endings.

Positive thought for the day:
The beauty in life is not found in some magical forest where everything sings in harmony, but in the imperfect world we live in beauty is found in the unlikeliest places, hiding so only those who are looking for it will find it, and when we see it, it is absolutely and utterly breathtaking.

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