Saturday, March 28, 2009

i need to write something

Saturday morning at the family's house. (my family is a collection of renegades that I met throughout college and afterwards) I have been availed of internet access and intend to use it to update my blog. This week I've had excellent runs and hope to have more excellent runs this weekend, sixteen miles tomorrow -- six today. I guess most usually it would make sense for me to mention today's six then tomorrow's sixteen. I have set my next goal for fitness and will probably be writing about that one subsequent to my completion of the marathon on April 19.

Continued from Saturday: After the Sunday long run.
I finished the sixteen today, my last of the training program I am on, my legs are burning and my intensity is increasing. To quote the Pointer Sisters, "I'm So Excited." April 19 is approaching quickly and I am fully ready.

I'm tired and Waiting is on, also read Jackie's blog, you can find it on, she doesn't like it, but it entertains Whitney and me.

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