Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday in the Park (I think it was the 21st of March)

Okay, maybe a play on Chicago lyrics is a corny way to title a post, but it is Saturday and if we can't be silly on Saturday, then there will never be time to be silly.

I ran an 8 mi. today, it felt pretty good, but I was struggling through some of it because it has been a while since I did a run over 6 mi. This week was a great week of training though, and I think I've hopped back on the horse, there were some minor setbacks for a couple of weeks with small injuries and being an emotional support for one of my good friends whose (very close) grandmother passed away. I was only getting in about half of my runs at that point, but this week I have been getting them in, despite a short bout with the flu on Wednesday.

One of the most exciting things I have found out through my training is that when the body is in shape, it has a tendency to stay in shape, this is great news because sometimes life throws curve balls and we have to be flexible enough to adjust schedules and miss various runs because some things (friends, family, work) are more important than running. The good news is, when we are able to make the time to get back to it, much ground is not lost because the body preserves our abilities that are hard-won.

I have taken my last sip of alcohol before the marathon, on Thursday night. No more until after April 19. During January, I gave up drinking also and found out that it is really not very hard and sort of rewarding because there is never a situation where I am not in control over myself.

Positive thought for the day:
The closer we get to where we are going, the less time it takes to get there (think about it, because it seems obvious but I think most people get scared at some distance that is close to their destination and turn around, this retreat makes the trip far longer than it needed to be)

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