Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Been A While --But Don't Worry!

Wow, life has brought some pretty extreme changes lately. I have been unable to access the internet for long enough to get on here to post anything so now that I finally have a few minutes to myself, here it is.

Training has been going extremely well, I bought a new pair of shoes on Saturday and ran 16 miles in 2h 24m on Sunday. That's a pretty decent pace and I think that I will be in excellent condition to complete the full 26.2 come April 19.

I have been working as a field laborer at Boa lately, not an ideal situation for me, but it is a job which is more than I could ask for in an economy shaping up the way ours is. There are a few good prospective projects on the horizon here and I am very intensely awaiting their arrival so that I can come back in the office and work on what I do best.

Forcing myself to find motivation is becoming my main goal in this battle. I am in good enough shape now to run 10 miles no problem, and 16 on Sunday, while difficult, didn't wear me down like my 15 mile run 2 weeks ago did. After a long day in the field on a construction site, finding the energy and drive to push myself through a 5 mile to 7 mile run is extremely difficult. I have been relatively successful though, and I know that my goal requires me to train, therefore no breaks can be afforded.

I hope everyone reading this can find motivation to push through the adversity that faces them and achieve in big ways.

Positive thought for the day:
Without the struggle of pain we wouldn't know the beauty of pleasure.

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