Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5mile Training Run

Yesterday I completed my first run in the Chicago Marathon training schedule, it was 5 miles, and while the heat wasn't very intense yesterday, the thick, humid air made it quite the difficult run. I finished in 37:25, not too shabby for an early training run. I need to be running about 7:15 miles in order to meet my goal for Chicago on October 11. This is going to be an intense program to get in that kind of shape, but I am faithful that I can pull it off. I already know this training program will be less about getting in shape than my last one because I started last time struggling to finish 4 mile runs, this time it is all about shaving off time, hopefull before I start shaving, I'll be able to lop off some time in this first few weeks, because that is when the long runs start to really come in. I'll be running 14 miles at the end of week 6, and I hope to be able to finish that run with my goal of 7:15 miles.

I'm very very excited about this program and I hope that everyone who followed last time will continue to check back to review my progress.

Positive thought for the day:
Anything really is possible, willingness to put in the time and effort is the only obstacle.

-Billy the Kid

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